Training & Development

Chappin Energy strives to provide employees at all levels with access to training and educational resources to enhance their professional development. Our Learning Management System delivers and tracks technical, Health, Environment and Safety (HES), business, and other personal development training for our plant, field and support employees. In 2015, more than 137,000 training records were completed across the company, averaging 30 hours of training per employee.

We also encourage employees with disabilities to share their challenges to allow us to work together and support them in achieving their potential. We are committed to creating an environment that enables all employees to achieve their best, regardless of circumstance. This belief underpins how we work with employees with disabilities, ensuring they're given a platform from which to reach their full potential and become the boundary-pushing innovators of the future.

Examples of our training programs include:

  • Leadership Skills Workshops - A variety of workshops that aim to enhance leadership skills for all levels of management. Workshops use classroom-based training, case studies, videos, simulations, practice exercises and real-work applications.
  • Operations and Maintenance Technical Training - A new set of courses aimed at enhancing Technical Training was released in 2014.
  • Field Operations and Maintenance Workshops - includes the development of detailed skill maps, career progression plans and training requirements.
  • Engineer Development Program - A variety of workshops and training courses focused on accelerating the development of recent engineering graduates.
  • Mentor Program - Teliex offers mentoring to employees who would benefit from additional technical or functional expertise to meet challenges they face in a new role.
  • EOR Education - To train the future industry workforce, Teliex is sharing its expertise and supporting the development of an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Lab at Texas Tech University's new petroleum engineering building.