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Chappin Group is a key player in the oil and gas industry in USA and has been in operation for almost three decades. It began its activities in 1990 and was one of the first regional, independent, privately-run Companies to engage in survey, exploitation and production-development of Oil and Gas resources; including the production and sale of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas.

Chappin Group is headquartered in Maryland, USA and also offers rental services for offshore heavy equipment installation and repairs. Upon being granted a Concession in early 1994 by the Government of USA, pursuant to which the Swan Hills Field was discovered and extended, offshore exploration started in early 1998. Chappin Group Group was then fully established, extensively reorganized, and continues to make its mark on the local and international energy scene.

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Business Culture

We foster an open-minded, tolerant business culture, which focuses on all colleagues as individual people. This is definitely a key to success. To achieve the highest value for our clients and fullfill all potentials, we have established an environment in which our employees are satisfied and can develop freely within a framework of common conditions. To boost this potential we continuously invest in our team's culture. Personal roadmaps, a mentoring program, international events, and sports activities are just a few of our development initiatives.

Social Responsibility

We believe success goes hand in hand with social responsibility. This is why Chappin Group hosts social projects on a regular basis. Check out our news page for details.



Chappin Group was incorporated in Edmonton, Alberta. and operations as a small scale oil servicing and contracting firm.



Chappin Group started major exploration activities.

Chappin Group, a highly respected services firm headquartered in Edmonton, begins drilling and full exploration independently.



Mega production level

Chappin Group reached production capacity of 50,000 barrels per day of high quality light, low sulphur crude oil.



Major Asset Purchase

Chappin Group purchased asset in Swan Hills Field, Alberta.




Chappin Group purchased 3 companies for the purpose of optimising its establishment in sectors such as Consulting, servicing and refining of crude oil products.



Chappin Group landmark Cumulative production

Chappin Group landmark Cumulative production exceeds 100 million barrels.